About us

Who we are

Corpcam.com provides a user-friendly, live webcasting facility which integrates video, audio and PowerPoint. South African Industry giants trust Corpcam with their webcasts and on-line communication, with over 240 000 webcast registrations last year, this showcases the value and reliability of our service offering to the Corporate market.

If over 20 years of experience has taught us anything, it’s that reliability is of key importance and that is why we have established a team of professional and trusted individuals who are dedicated to providing a bespoke customer service

Having been the industry leader in live webcasting/video streaming services over the past two decades, we have expanded our expertise to include managed on-line conferences, video production, green-screen services, brand/product launches and hybrid events which now complements our holistic solution.

The four most popular needs and uses for video are Investor Relations, Marketing, Human Resources & Training, and what we will refer to as Other Applications.