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Our Offering

Our Offering

The Corporate Results Webcast or Communication.
All listed companies have an obligation to communicate their company information to stakeholders through Results Announcements, Investor Days or simple Corporate Communications.

We pride ourselves in the effort we have taken in liaising with large groups opening their firewalls to our solution as to allow the various investors / stakeholders access to our webcasting solution.

The Internal / Staff Communication

Communication is key to a successful company. Keeping your staff and internal stakeholders up to date and informed is essential. Why not allow all staff from anywhere local or international the opportunity to attend your internal staff communication live and ask their questions.

We further archive the live broadcast for people who were unable to attend to watch at a later time which may be convenient to them.

Webcast / Stream your Conference

If you are having or hosting a conference or showcasing, why not make it more accessible to anyone from anywhere? Through our experience we understand the importance of communicating your offering, webcasting or streaming your conference / showcasing allows you to reach more vital people.

Training and Up-skilling

Training staff and intended individuals is key to success. We can create live and archived videos so that individuals can access the information post the live session giving them the ability to return and go over that important information.

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